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In the Future There Will Be No Genes

Making Sense of Genes, Kostas Kampourakis. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2017, x + 307 pp
  • Oren Harman
Book Review


Science is a form of storytelling. We speak of energy, simultaneity, bonding, and altruism. We describe electrons “jumping”, stars “shooting”, flowers “opening up”, pigeons “cooing” and monkeys falling in love. Concepts like these all have a meaning in our own lives. Science is infused with metaphor and allegory, representing a limitation of language, a genuine philosophical paradox, and a source of creativity. It is difficult, perhaps even impossible, to rid scientific definitions of the human nuances that are contained in them. Despite its specialized language, it is yet uttered and imagined by humans.

Science is a form of storytelling, but it is a form of competitivestorytelling, nonetheless: it gives names to things, and produces narratives based on a method that has undergone impressive refinement. In this sense it is unique compared to other forms of storytelling, like mythology, or fiction. For there are limits in that place where our senses meet with reason and...

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