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Table 3 Time of occurrence (ms) of roof/pillar deformation and absolute maximum neck loads

From: Occupant Dynamics in Rollover Crashes: Influence of Roof Deformation and Seat Belt Performance on Probable Spinal Column Injury

Test parameter Driver Passenger
B190042 B190043 B180220 B190042 B190043 B180220
Objective roof/pillar deformation (vertical acceleration peaks) 497 513 510 730 ∼600–800a 742
Objective roof/pillar deformation (lateral acceleration peaks) 497 513 494 496 512 495
Peak F c z 533 540 516 730 764 n/ab
Peak M y 533 541 517 729 764 751
Peak M x 537 548 540 783 774 760
  1. aNo isolated spike in acceleration was noted; however, a sustained level of roof deformation is reflected in the roof rail tracings and the video footage for this test
  2. bNo isolated absolute maximum F z value was noted, which differed significantly from the other “local” maximums. This was consistent with the very high peak M y in this test, however, which was noted at 751 ms (see Table 2)
  3. c F z was measured at the upper neck load cell, whereas M y and M x were measured at the lower neck load cells