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Jeffrey H. Altschul, Ibrahima Thiaw and Gerald Wait: A Slave Who Would Be King: Oral Tradition and Archaeology of the Recent Past in the Upper Senegal River Basin

Archaeopress, Oxford, 2016, x+314 pp.; highly illustrated throughout with 142 colour plates. Printed ISBN 9781784913519. Epublication ISBN 9781784913526.
  • Liza GijantoEmail author
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The archaeological investigations reported in this text were conducted by the USA-based firm Statistical Research Incorporated, which was hired to carry out the required archaeological and cultural investigations for the Sabodala Cultural Heritage Project (SCHP). The project is the result of Cultural Resource Management (CRM) compliance for the Sabodala Gold Mining Project in the Upper Senegal River Valley of eastern Senegal. The overall goal of the project was to “identify, map, and describe significant archaeological and cultural resources/spaces in the concession area and surrounding areas affected by the proposed mining project” (p. 1). A noteworthy portion of the project area, as demarcated by the proposed mining activities, included either areas that had received no attention by archaeologists prior to this work or areas that were the focus of limited archaeological survey and excavations in the early to mid-twentieth century. As such, this text provides detailed information on...


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