African Archaeological Review

, Volume 34, Issue 2, pp 299–300 | Cite as

Andrew P. Roddick and Ann B. Stahl: Knowledge in Motion: Constellations of Learning Across Time and Place

Tucson, University of Arizona Press, Amerind Studies in Anthropology, 2016, 336 pp., ISBN 978-0-8165-3260-5
  • Cameron GokeeEmail author
Book Review

This edited volume explores the study of social life, both past and present, through the lens of situated learning and associated communities of practice. Three chapters focus specifically on African case studies, but the complete volume will be of interest to readers of this journal. All contributions make use of shared concepts and demonstrate a variety of methods to integrate diverse sets of archaeological, historical, and ethnographic evidence in their interpretations of social change and continuity around the world.

An introductory chapter by the editors (Andrew Roddick and Ann Stahl) establishes situated learning as an analytical perspective attending to the reproduction and transformation of social life through the transmission of practical knowledge across space and time. By emphasizing how communities of practiceemerge through relations grounded in locality and materiality, this perspective has already proven useful for archaeologists studying craft production. The editors...

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