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A. José Farrujia de la Rosa, An Archaeology of the Margins: Colonialism, Amazighity and Heritage Management in the Canary Islands

2014 Springer Press 119 p
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Book Review

This five-chapter volume appears as part of the Springer Briefs in Archaeological Heritage Managementsubseries. The author, A. José Farrujia de la Rosa, fills the series’ bill by providing a short-format archaeological monograph that is approachable by both the advanced undergraduate and seasoned researcher alike. It is adventurous in its temporal scope, covering the initial settlement of the archipelago in the first millennium BC through European incursion in the fifteenth century AD. It is equally bold in its theoretical breadth, highlighting the political and colonial projects that surrounded Canarian archaeology, heritage management, and the representation of Canarian history. The book is timely, building on recent efforts to problematize not only the colonial project but also European scholars’ continuing control over discourses rooted in postcolonial localities. As an alternative to standard historiography, Farrujia highlights the interface of culture, history, and local...

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