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Petition to Stop the Dams in Sudan

European Committee for Preserving the Middle Nile


The mission of the committee is to preserve the Middle Nile – its natural and cultural landscape, its people, and its heritage.


The Middle Nile is the 1700 km stretch of the River Nile between the confluence of the Blue and the White Niles at Khartoum in Sudan to Aswan in Egypt. This stretch has already seen the building of two gigantic dams, the Aswan High Dam in Egypt completed in 1971 and displacing c. 120,000 people and the Merowe Dam in Sudan completed in 2009 and displacing c. 70,000 people. The impetus to establish this committee is the news that Sudan is planning to build at least three more dams on the Middle Nile.

The European Committee for Preserving the Middle Nile is a group of people who are concerned that the building of more dams on this stretch of the Nile will displace tens of thousands of people, severely damage the river ecosystem, and destroy a heritage of vast importance – not only for the local people, but for mankind. We believe that leaving...

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