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Nicholas David, Performance and Agency: The DGB Sites of Northern Cameroon

BAR International Series 1830, Archaeopress, Oxford, 2008, 155 pages, ISBN 9781407303345
  • Olivier LangloisEmail author
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The book concerns about 15 architectural dry stone sites distributed over about 20 km2, on the northern edge of the Mandara Mountains (Northern Cameroon), an area known for the intensive patterns of agriculture set up by the many peoples who live there. Two of these sites have been excavated and dated to the mid-second millennium AD. ‘DGB’ come from diy-geδ -bay (meaning ‘ancient chiefly residence on high’), the name that the Mafa people who live in this area give to these ruins. As the title indicates, DGB sites are seen as material evidences of agency and performance. Examining these phenomena, Nicholas David places his study in fields mostly investigated by post-processual archaeologists. Nevertheless, post-processual theories will be put in practise only at the very end of the book, so that the study satisfies archaeologists whatever their theoretical affinities.

The book can be divided in two sections, in addition to an introduction that provides essential information about both...

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