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Timothy Insoll (ed.), Current Archaeological Research in Ghana

Cambridge Monographs in African Archaeology 74, BAR International Series 1847, Archaeopress, Oxford, 2008, 149 pages, ISBN 978 1 4073 0334 5
  • Joanna Casey
Book Review

This book is a collection of papers by the faculty of the Department of Archaeology at the University of Ghana. As Insoll says in the first chapter which serves as an introduction, the department has been one of the cornerstones of West African archaeological research almost since its inception. The department is currently repositioning itself by moving away from “pure” archaeology and changing its name to include Cultural and Heritage Studies. It has also received new life from the addition of new faculty members and from partnerships and collaborations with international scholars and organisations. Thus, poised on the cusp of a new era, the time is right for a book that celebrates the new direction the department is taking.

The papers in this book are quite a mixed bag of subjects and approaches, covering the Late Stone Age (LSA) through to modern times with a considerable emphasis on later time periods where research is supplemented with historical documents, ethnographic...

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