African Archaeological Review

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B. O. M. Naffé, R. Lanfranchi and N. Sclanger, L’Archéologie Préventive En Afrique. Enjeux Et Perspectives

Éditions Sépia, Saint-Maure-des-Fosses
  • Noemie Arazi
Book Review

The prompt publication of the papers given at the colloquium on preventive archaeology in Nouakchott in 2007 demonstrates the urgency with which Cultural Heritage Management in Africa should be dealt with, not only by the archaeological community but also by national governments, international donor organisations and corporations that are currently investing into the continent’s infrastructural development. The volume is indeed a timely testimony of the opportunities and stakes provided by Africa’s development. On the one hand, it illustrates the alarming destruction of its archaeological and historic resources. But on the other hand it clearly shows the opportunities that could arise from development, as Africa’s construction boom and the ongoing exploitation of its natural resources could lead to the establishment of preventive and salvage archaeology programs and thus to the expansion of archaeological practice, as it has in Europe and the USA in recent decades. Even though the...

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