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Privileged Places in South Central Mozambique by Solange Macamo

Uppsala University, Studies in Global Archaeology 4 2006, 286 pp ISBN 91 973212 2 2
  • Andrew ReidEmail author
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This is the latest product to come from the fertile collaboration between Uppsala University and emerging African scholars. It essentially deals with Zimbabwe tradition sites in Mozambique, presenting research undertaken at several previously poorly known sites. However, the study also attempts to bridge the gap that often exists between pure research and cultural heritage practices which seek to involve local communities. The notion of privileged sites is proposed as an antidote to the tendency of archaeologists to bias their research towards major, walled, urban sites which have only a limited distribution. Instead a range of significant criteria are proposed which encompass not just architecture and finds, but geographical and ecological setting and also intangible qualities which may be held by local populations. Such an initiative would more effectively allow the recognition of heritage throughout Mozambique and not just in the limited areas which feature Zimbabwe tradition...


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