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Dr. Téréba Togola, National Director of Cultural Heritage (Mali)

A Personal Remembrance
  • Kevin C. MacDonald

In losing Téréba Togola, Africa has lost a man of great industry, talent, personal integrity, and kindness. His friendship was treasured by all who knew him, and there are many who may proudly call themselves his friend, for he made them wherever he travelled. Téréba will be remembered both as a great African field archaeologist and as a true champion for the preservation of the Mali’s heritage sites (Fig. 1).

I first met Téréba in 1986 when we were both students at Rice University, I was an undergraduate, he a student for the MA/PhD. I was trying to improve my French comprehension, and he his English, so we at first made a pact to speak with each other, he in French, myself in English, much to the puzzlement of our fellow students. We shared many lunches together which usually involved strong green tea à la Saheland peanut butter and banana sandwiches. Over the course of a few years of such lunches, I learned Téréba’s life story and came to revere him as a very special individual: a...


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