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African Connections: Archaeological Perspectives on Africa and the Wider World. By Peter Mitchell

AltaMira Press, Oxford, 2005, 328 pp., Paper: $34.95, ISBN 0759102597, Cloth: $80.00, ISBN 0759102589
  • Fekri Hassan
Book Review

Cast against outmoded views of Africa as a cultural backwater, African Connections aims to place the later history of this remarkable continent in a broader global perspective. This approach, long overdue, is masterfully developed in this work in a sustained narrative detailing the varied and complex cultural linkages between various African societies and other world societies from the inception of food production to the final subjugation of most African communities to European colonial policies.

The scope of this work is outlined by Peter Mitchell in introducing his work as a quest to understand how Africa’s inhabitants interacted with those of other landmasses as equal partners in exchange, and active donors of goods, ideas and people (p. 27). Mitchell’s critical approach to African history and archaeology is manifest in his examination at the outset of the “idea” of Africa. What and where is Africa? As Mitchell demonstrates, these questions are intricately bound with social...

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