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African Archaeology: A Critical Introduction

  • Ceri Ashley
Book Review
African Archaeology: A Critical Introduction. Edited by Ann B. Stahl. Blackwell Publishers, Blackwell Studies in Global Archaeology, London,hardbound, 2004, 490 pp. ISBN 1405101555.

‘This is an exciting time to be involved in African archaeology’ (p. 16)

So states Stahl in her introduction to this edited volume on African archaeology; a statement that seems well founded by the ensuing chapters that cover a breadth of themes and topics, that show both how African archaeology has been shaped and formed by global discourse, and why African archaeology should be recognised as a dynamic force in the creation of debate.

This volume, which is part of the Blackwell Series in Global Archaeology, offers a rich insight into the African past, Stahl drawing together commissioned papers from a range of researchers. Primarily targeted at an undergraduate or student audience, the book covers a huge temporal range (2.6 million years to the present) as well as wide geographical coverage. However what...


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