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Barrier style contracts under Lévy processes once again

  • José FajardoEmail author
Research Article


In this paper we present new pricing formulas for some Barrier style contracts of European type when the underlying process is driven by an important class of Lévy processes, which includes CGMY model, generalized hyperbolic Model and Meixner Model, when no symmetry properties are assumed, complementing in this way previous findings in Fajardo (J Bank Financ 53:179–187, 2015). Also, we show how to implement our new formulas.


Skewness Lévy processes Absence of symmetry Barrier contracts 

JEL Classification

C52 G12 



I would like to thank the comments of an anonymous referee who helps to improve the present version of the paper. Also, I would like to thank seminar participants at EMAp/FGV, SBFin 2015, SAET 2016 and Barcelona Workshop on Mathematical Finance. Financial support from CNPq of Brazil is also acknowledge.


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  1. 1.Brazilian School of Public and Business AdministrationGetulio Vargas FoundationRio de JaneiroBrazil

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