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Nonlinear magneto-electric response of a giant magnetostrictive/piezoelectric composite cylinder

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In this study, we investigate the nonlinear coupling magneto-electric (ME) effect of a giant magnetostrictive/piezoelectric composite cylinder. The nonlinear constitutive relations of the ME material are taken into account, and the influences of the nonlinear material properties on the ME effect are investigated for the static and dynamic cases, respectively. The influences of different constraint conditions on the ME effect are discussed. In the dynamic case considering nonlinear material properties, the double frequency ME response (The response frequency is twice the applied magnetic frequency) is obtained and discussed, which can be used to explain the experiment phenomenon in which the input signal with frequency f is converted to the output signal with 2 f in ME laminated structures. Some calculations on nonlinear ME effect are conducted. The obtained results indicate that the nonlinear material properties affect not only the magnitude of the ME effect in the static case but also the ME response frequency in the dynamic case.


Nonlinear coupling ME effect Layered composite cylinder Double frequency 


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