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The importance of cardiorespiratory fitness for healthy metabolic traits in children and adolescents: the AVENA Study

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The AVENA study was funded by the Spanish Ministry of Health, FEDER-FSE funds (FIS n° 00/0015), CSD grants 05/UPB32/0, 109/UPB31/03 and 13/UPB20/04, the Spanish Ministry of Education (AP2002-2920; AP2003-2128; AP-2004-2745), and grants from Panrico S.A., Madaus S.A., and Procter and Gamble S.A.

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Mesa, J.L., Ortega, F.B., Ruiz, J.R. et al. The importance of cardiorespiratory fitness for healthy metabolic traits in children and adolescents: the AVENA Study. J Public Health 14, 178–180 (2006).

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