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Hemorrhage after adenotonsillectomy in children: tertiary center experiences

Hämorrhagie nach Adenotonsillektomie bei Kindern: Erfahrungen eines Zentrums der Tertiärversorgung



Adenotonsillectomy is the most commonly performed surgery in the pediatric population. Hemorrhage after adenotonsillectomy, which can occur at any time postoperatively, is one of the most serious complications.


To determine the frequency of hemorrhage in children after adenotonsillectomy and to compare postoperative hemorrhage with regard to age and sex.


A cross-sectional longitudinal study was conducted at the Ear, Nose, and Throat Clinic, University Clinical Center Tuzla, and included all children of both sexes, aged 3 to 15 years, who underwent adenotonsillectomy during a 1.5-year period.


A total of 201 children aged 3–15 years underwent adenotonsillectomy, 113 males and 88 females, which corresponds to a ratio of 1.28: 1. Adenotonsillectomy was performed in 147 (73.1%) patients and adenoidectomy in 54 (27%). In the overall sample, there were 19 (9.5%) subjects with postoperative hemorrhage. Primary hemorrhage occurred in 9 subjects (47%) and secondary hemorrhage in 10 subjects (53%). Significantly more female subjects had postoperative hemorrhage. In the group of subjects with hemorrhage, the mean age (standard deviation) was 8.45 (3.3) years. Tonsillar lodges are common sites of hemorrhage.


The frequency and causes of hemorrhage after adenotonsillectomy in our study are partially comparable to the world data.

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Correspondence to Anis Cerovac MD phD candidate.

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