Torquated large ovarian lymphoma as a cause of acute abdomen: a case report of diffuse large B-cell ovarian lymphoma with a germinal center B-cell-like phenotype



Ovarian lymphoma is a rare neoplasm and most commonly represents secondary ovarian involvement in overt systemic disease, usually of the non-Hodgkin’s type.


To report a case of acute abdomen caused by torquated large ovarian lymphoma.

Case report

We report the case of 65-year-old patient admitted to our hospital with signs and symptoms of acute abdomen. Findings were suggestive of left ovary torsion due to the neoplasm. After detorsion, mobilization, and adhesiolysis, a bilateral adnexectomy was performed. Histopathological and immunohistochemical analysis of the left ovarian tumor was performed and diagnosis of diffuse large B‑cell lymphoma (DLBCL) with a GCB (germinal center B‑cell-like) phenotype was made. Additional bone marrow biopsy and imaging techniques excluded other sites of involvement, confirming diagnosis of primary ovarian DLBCL.


The prognosis of ovarian lymphomas may be poorer than for other lymphomas because of late diagnosis. The best treatment option appears to be systemic chemotherapy.

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We would like to thank the operating room staff and nurses for their generous assistance. We would also like to thank the patient.

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K. Živković and I. Marton wrote the manuscript. All other authors critically reviewed the manuscript, gave suggestions for improvements, and wrote some additions. K. Živković and D. Habek operated this patient in the emergency gynecological unit. S. Gašparov and K. Horvat Pavlov made the pathohistological diagnosis. All authors meet the criteria of authorship and have rights to intellectual content.

Corresponding author

Correspondence to Anis Cerovac MD, PhD Student.

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Conflict of interest

K. Živković, I. Marton, A. Tikvica Luetić, S. Gašparov, K. Horvat Pavlov, L. Sović, A. Cerovac, and D. Habek declare that they have no competing interests.

Ethical standards

For this article no studies with human participants or animals were performed by any of the authors. All studies mentioned were in accordance with the ethical standards indicated in each case. For images or other information within the manuscript which identify patients, consent was obtained from them and/or their legal guardians.

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