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Surgery reunites the world for the benefit of our health

Dear readers,

welcome to this issue of European Surgery, which includes a multicoloured spectrum of articles related to the fascinating theme, topic and evolution of robotic surgery. The authors collected (logos!) around the editor of the topic, Prof. Dr. Fritz Längle, Wiener Neustadt, Austria, EU, are to be congratulated for their excellent, outstanding, meticulous work and for having spent their time to compose these highly motivating fireworks of positive and fruitful perspectives. Sun shines to path the way, shadows foster understanding of structure function relationship. True! Leonardo came to paint us. Now we came to film, see and treat it! Veni, vidi, vici! Surgical Caesar scenario! Well taken. The papers summarise the state of the art related to the current understanding of robotic surgery and how it helps to improve surgical therapies within the interwoven field of functional, inflammatory and oncologic disease-management.. Finally, these well-structured papers allow a highly positive outlook for an exciting surgical therapy in the future. However, tools may not replace surgical (medical) reasoning, thinking, clinical diagnosis and treatment algorithms. And those, who are the young surgeons of today, are to be congratulated: Hey young surgeons out there, for sure you will conduct many of your individual future therapies, using robot surgery. As such the topic in this issue of European Surgery may enlarge your knowledge and foster a fruitful future for those who are involved. May the Längle Topic contribute your teaching and education. Robots are “electronic octopuses”, which help to translate our thoughts, ideas and concepts into accurate motions of therapy. Conceptually surgery may mirror the heavens on earth, such as ions are mediators of information from far distance galaxies. Hopefully you got the point. Your sodium shares the same qualities when compared to that of far distant milky ways. Suckling rats, dogs and underdogs created the heavens on earth for the benefit of their visitors. Remains to be questioned: who are you? Comet? A borrowed in- or outbound income?

Our current time taught us to definitely accept the limitations of our civilisation and how our well-structured life may transform, alter and start to struggle, if electron-microscopic phenomena pop up and start to interact with the collected (logos!) inventions of man including society, science and economics. As such teaching and education zoomed out to reach their fans, using web based technologies. Going in line with these developments, the recent annual congress of the Austrian Surgical Society held in Salzburg, Austria, orchestrated using hybrid technologies: presentations with limited audience were transmitted electronically and thus followed via the internet on your personal or individual or institutional computer. The president, Prof. Dr. Klaus Emmanuel and the general secretary, Prof. Dr. Albert Tuchmann and their teams are to be congratulated for having created, designed and composed a fascinating, delicate well focused spectrum of themes, topics and technologies related to modern inter-, and multidisciplinary disease management. Well selected speakers covered all important issues of modern surgery and provoked to outline a future outlook towards the novel developments of surgery, techniques and technologies and how the incorporation of these features may foster a positive approach towards disease and health management. Diagnosis crosses electromagnetic fields. Brilliant novel tools are fascinating and catch the heart of the user. Thunder evolves if we leave out the humanity of those treated. Taken together, the hybrid congress has been a positive event and justifies to motive a positive outlook for the future. Finally, it may be considered to continue the hybrid approach in the future, since it allows distance learning and education without being forced to invest much travel time. This may be of major relevance for those, who are required to keep on rocking (gall stone) and rolling (nodes!) the routine in university clinics, hospitals, out patients services and offices. Taken together, hybrid orchestration definitely allows to bring together more people and their ideas.

Conceptually you are to be congratulated, because you take your time to read those lines. You may ask yourself: who has time to read and to keep up with the enormous stream of novelty which continuously evolves and splashes out of the internet. Sun Splash! Newsflash! Mission impossible? Could you be flashed? Could you step out of the digital jungle, at least for the twinkle of an eye? Moon looks for Horus. Orion shakes Osiris. Isis beats within the male crystal CREA urinating recipient of a female donor kidney. Nephtys exclamavit: “Transplant transfiguration transformed tunes temper towards the time”. As you read those lines you may hopefully have passed through a beautiful season, relaxing summer 2021, where highly positive vibrations have been shared with your friends, neighbours and families. Hopefully you had great impressions fostering highly motivating states of mood, temper and atmosphere, where you have been allowed to forget about the clinical routine and where you definitely coined new ideas, signs and tempering motives for the upcoming rest of the year: the more the better for you and your colleagues and your patients and your families and your surgeries and your wellbeing. It is always important to find space time quanta for yourself. What is it all about? Where do I want to go? How do I want to make my living? Where do I want to end up? What would I have to change to improve my life quality and wellbeing? How do I want to spend my energy? Investment counts, psychology meets the value, interpretation rules the opinion, as power rules the world. Walls have been erected, borders have been designed to increase the surface area, which in turn drives the market and the economics and the money turn over and prevents the unification of all into one single powerful concept of reasoning, which is the understanding, that all we see, we hear, we smell, we turn, dissect and remove, resect and explore, count and measure, tube and dilate, fold and favour, squeeze and fracture, pull and push, lift and straddle, screw and battle, love and hate, wish to have to know, is the manifestation of the all in one in all. Depending on your speciality you may name it: “space time quanta”; “will to power”; or simply “reasoning” or “being” to the Horus eye momentum of now. What is now? What teaches now? May we learn from now? May we understand now? As such summer time reveals the transition from blues to reggae, from clouds to the beach and the sun. You may walk around on a beach with a book in your one hand, playing with the bottle of a drink between the fingers of your other hand, a piece of food in the third hand, or you may decide to use it all together and play a positive rhythm and sing out loud to the oceans of your heart: when has it been the last time that I came to know what I really want to do, when I have been the centre of my life? Follow the shadow of your pride, feel the rhythm of your heart and then it goes, thought by thought, word by word, line by line and sounds into the realm of your phantasy:

VerseVerse Single mingle twinkle round, feathered father mother sound, crystal ball collector feared, cutting skin instead of beard. The one for true who dawns the day is you. No one around to ask instead, believe the model name it dead. Tip toe temper takes the tall, sun beam waver shakes the call, shadows stretching the balloon, tune the moon out there at noon. silent science stays aside, giving pride an other ride, careful reading helps to see, water roots to rise a tree. Greetings: dimensions count on you.

The chats between the surgeon and the resected organs in the beaker think: around the very corner stands the liver and rolls the stone and the bottle of bourbon has made its extinction within the flattering ocean of temper and tune from Memphis West to New Orleans induced calories rich wave forming function of the bile duct marching to be in that number of sand and stones and corners have been erected and lifted and broken down and the propofol sedated ERCP procedure has been conducted to cross road the anatomy for the benefit of the owner of this multi organ hammond sound rock and roll and the tissue samples have been thrown and clashed directly into the afterlife in order to calculate the prosperity score of new times and to clarify the chance to meet the risk which has to take it all at the end and the very beginning and here comes someone to see a woman and decides to marry her to reproduce and have many children in the family of doctors and physicians and she a radiologist presumably he a surgeon presumably well-being or the other way round or internist meets pathologist because reproduction works irrespective of educational background habits and intentions and achievements this means independent of the profession of the owner of the signal transducer the only thing which is to be taken care of and into account is the fact that opposite tensions attract within the continuum of adequate spacetime curving and thinking has to be switched off in order to let all hormones dance the excellent receptor dependent but knowledge independent endocrinology waltz from one testis to the other ovary and here we go and walk in and dig in and release uniquely while understanding and reasoning vanished to escape any active manipulation because otherwise we would have been wiped out and extinction would be the matter of the day and we can see clearly now without any rains and waters and rinsing and beaker the baker and nostril the gastric pancake pancreas kidney waver with his arms and his thoracic diaphragmatic souls and his actual thoughts and his gastro-spleeny streams of conduct of reasoning sleeve resection dreaming and acid bile rumours of metabolic philosophy around lungs and heart and thymus and this means that there definitely exists a model to explain the wools and the world to the cows and the dogs to the sheep without shepherds and the trees without farmers to the rainbows and the strategies without rumours to the animals and the birds and the angles without airports to the infield flyer but here still exists one mystery and this is the victory of history and how can we explain and definitely understand the most exciting and outstanding form of multi and poly full spectrum master mix manifestation ranging from genius to stupidity which is suggested and considered to be exactly well taken when we simply name it man.

Thanks to all who support the project of European Surgery: the actors, the writers, the readers, the editors, the reviewers, the publisher, your interests, desires and happiness, your families and friends. Without your help the project would never have been possible. As such, stay tuned and evolve all your new dreams. Count it as you will, it is always simply and strictly about you. Be you.

Summer hands over to autumn the spring to winter the close. The perspective of the spectator defines the rise or the fall, the up or the down, the north or the south, the good and the bad, the happy or the sad, the right and the wrong, but nature allows to show that we definitely are one big family having millions of hands and hearts and souls and possibilities. We share the most positive chance, if you will. Resist stupidity! We all are the ancestors of those who will play our history in the future. Let us orchestrate surgery to reunite the world and to eliminate individual and collective warfare stress for the benefit of our health. Clarify ancestor reflux! Allow peace! Shake hands! Meet friends! Be you!

Sincerely, Martin Riegler.


The author thanks those fruitful spirits, people and phenomena which motivated the orchestration of the ideas presented.

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