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Letter from the Editor

  • André FreiwaldEmail author

First of all, I have to state that FACIES will continue after the retirement of the journal founder, Prof. Dr. Erik Flügel, but it is also a new beginning of FACIES. Henceforth, Springer-Publishing House will publish the journal, and it is a pleasure to see the journal in the hands of such an experienced publisher, and to have it managed by the “geo-section” team, which also publishes related journals such as the International Journal of Earth Sciences and Geo-Marine Letters.

With the liaison with the Springer-Publishing House, we are pleased to announce a new service for our authors and readers: Online First, the immediate online publication of all accepted papers as soon as the authors have returned the corrected proofs. Whereas the fully electronic versions of FACIESused to appear at the same time as the print journal, from now on the electronic version of all articles will be available to subscribers via the Internet weeks before the printed version appears. This means a...


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