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Twenty years of Road Ecology: a Topical Collection looking forward for new perspectives


The European Journal of Wildlife Research introduces a new Topical Collection focused on Road Ecology. This Topical Collection aims to be a useful tool for the development of generalized principles and applications concerning wildlife-related aspects of Road Ecology. Submissions exploring new or lesser-known costs and potential benefits for wildlife coexisting with road networks are encouraged.

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P. James Macaluso Jr. improved the English.


MD was supported by a Juan de la Cierva Formación post-doctoral grant, FA by an FCT (Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia) post-doctoral grant, MF by a University of Molise grant for PhD stays in foreign countries, and RB by a University of Alcalá post-doctoral grant.

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Correspondence to Marcello D’Amico.

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This article is a contribution to the Topical Collection Road Ecology, Guest Editor: Marcello D’Amico

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  • Road Ecology
  • Road-kills
  • Wildlife crossing-structures
  • Habitat loss and fragmentation
  • Barrier effect
  • Linear infrastructures