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Spreading of multilocular echinococcosis in southern Europe: the first record in foxes and jackals in Serbia, Vojvodina Province


Foxes and jackals from the Vojvodina Province of Serbia were examined for the presence of echinococcosis. Animals were collected as part of routine rabies monitoring and autopsied; their intestines were checked for parasites. Out of 112 examined foxes, echinococcosis was found in 20 (17.9 %); of 28 examined jackals, 4 were infected (14.3 %). Morphological analysis confirmed the presence of Echinococcus multilocularis. This is the first record of E. multilocularis in foxes or other carnivorous mammals in Serbia.

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This paper was partially covered by Grant No. TR31084, Ministry of Education and Science of Serbia.

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