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Table 5 Variables used to analyze habitat preferences of golden jackal in the study areas according with Corine Land Cover classes

From: Population densities and habitat use of the golden jackal (Canis aureus) in farmlands across the Balkan Peninsula

Habitat type Description
Forest Broad-leaved, coniferous, and mixed forest
Arable land Non-irrigated arable land and permanently irrigated land
Heterogeneous agricultural vegetation Annual crops associated with permanent crops (vineyards, fruit trees, and olive groves), complex cultivation patterns and agro-forestry areas
Shrub–herbaceous vegetation Natural grasslands, sclerophyllous vegetation, transitional woodland-shrub and land principally occupied by agriculture with significant areas of natural vegetation
Pasture Pasture vegetation
Urban areas Continuous and discontinuous urban fabric, industrial and commercial units, roads, rail networks and construction sites
Water bodies Inland (rivers, reservoirs, and other water bodies) and marine (sea and ocean) waters