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The mediating role of child’s cognitive emotion regulation in the relationship between parental mindfulness and child’s mind reading ability


The present research aimed at investigating the relationship between parental mindfulness and the child’s mind reading ability based on his cognitive emotion regulation as playing a mediating role in the cultural context of Iran. The final participants included 278 primary school children and their parents from Kerman city in 2017. Mindfulness was measured by the interpersonal mindfulness in parenting scale, cognitive emotion regulation by cognitive emotion regulation questionnaire of kids, and mind reading by reading the mind in the eyes test for children. Based on the findings, the model was significant only for mothers and effects of awareness and present-centered attention and non-reactivity, as facets of parental mindfulness, on the child’s mind reading ability were mediated partly and completely by the child’s positive cognitive emotion regulation, respectively. The relationship pattern of variables was equal for boys and girls. Planning applied interventions based on the results of this study are recommended.

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The authors are very grateful to the students and their parents who participated in this research.

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Poormirzaei, M., Bagheri, M. The mediating role of child’s cognitive emotion regulation in the relationship between parental mindfulness and child’s mind reading ability. Cogn Process 21, 403–410 (2020).

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