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Plant neurobiology: from sensory biology, via plant communication, to social plant behavior

  • František Baluška
  • Stefano Mancuso


In plants, numerous parameters of both biotic and abiotic environments are continuously monitored. Specialized cells are evolutionary-optimized for effective translation of sensory input into developmental and motoric output. Importantly, diverse physical forces, influences, and insults induce immediate electric responses in plants. Recent advances in plant cell biology, molecular biology, and sensory ecology will be discussed in the framework of recently initiated new discipline of plant sciences, namely plant neurobiology.


Action potential Plant behavior Plant neurobiology Sensory biology Communication Signaling 


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  1. 1.IZMBUniversity of BonnBonnGermany
  2. 2.LINVUniversity of FlorenceSesto f. no (FI)Italy

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