Advances in Cellulose-Based Sorbents for Extraction of Pollutants in Environmental Samples

  • Jian-Hong Wu
  • Chi-Yang HeEmail author
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  1. Recent Trends in Solid-Phase Extraction for Environmental, Food and Biological Sample Preparation


The effective extraction and detection of pollutants in the environment have been important issues in analytical science. Cellulosic materials, composed of both functionalized and composited components, have been recently identified as promising solid-phase extraction adsorbents for various applications. Due to their alluring properties such as renewability, biodegradability, biocompatibility, high strength and stiffness and easy modification, this unique class of materials exhibits excellent extraction and enrichment performance for numerous target analytes. Herein, we review recent significant advances in solid-phase extraction using cellulosic sorbents for organic and inorganic pollutants in environmental matrices. The development of new cellulose-based sorbents and related solid-phase extraction (SPE) patterns, including cartridge SPE (c-SPE), disk SPE, dispersive SPE, magnetic SPE, molecularly imprinted SPE, on-line SPE, SPE spectroscopy/spectrometry and thin film microextraction (TFME), were discussed in this review.


Cellulose Pre-concentration Solid-phase extraction Environmental sample 



This work was financially supported by the scientific research project of Hubei Provincial Education Department (Q20141610) and the Natural Science Foundation of Hubei Province (no. 2017CFA026).

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