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Table 4 Home range size and the number of fledglings—the result for the cumulative logit model

From: GPS tracking of Red Kites (Milvus milvus) reveals fledgling number is negatively correlated with home range size

  Estimate Significance (p-values) 95 % Confidence interval
Lower limit Upper limit
 Fledgling = 1a 0.0140 0.0007 0.0006 0.1362
 Fledgling = 2b 0.1161 0.0639 0.0119 1.1326
Odds ratio
 Areac 0.1134 0.0017 0.0291 0.4419
  1. aOdds to achieve two instead of one fledglings
  2. bOdds to achieve three instead of two fledglings
  3. cFactor due to increase of area for both types of odds (odds ratio)