The Primates 2019 Social Impact Award

It is our pleasure to announce the Primates 2019 Social Impact Award. The high social impact paper is selected by the Editor-in-Chief and two Vice Editors-in-Chief, based on data sources such as the Altmetric Attention Score (mentions in the media and social networking sites) and full-text downloads.

The Primates 2019 Social Impact Award goes to the following paper:

Tomas Persson, Gabriela-Alina Sauciuc, Elainie Alenkær Madsen: Spontaneous cross-species imitation in interactions between chimpanzees and zoo visitors (Persson et al. 2018)

This paper received much media attention, was frequently mentioned in social networks, and was highly downloaded. Their work thus contributed greatly to enhancing the reputation of our journal.


Please join us in congratulating them.

Tetsuro Matsuzawa

General Director, Japan Monkey Centre;

Editor-in-Chief, Primates


  1. Persson T, Sauciuc GA, Madsen EA (2018) Spontaneous cross-species imitation in interactions between chimpanzees and zoo visitors. Primates 59:19–29

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