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The Editor-in-Chief of Primates thanks the following personnel as well as the members of the Editorial Board and Advisory Board for their editorial help during the past year (July 2012–June 2013). An asterisk indicates consultation on two or more manuscripts.

Addessi, Elsa, Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies

Agetsuma, Naoki, Hokkaido University

Ageyama, Naohide, National Institute of Biomedical Innovation

Alfaro, Jessica, University of California, Los Angeles

Asakawa, Mitsuhiko, Rakuno Gakuen University

Asensio, Norberto, Liverpool John Moores’ University

Barrett, Louise, University of Lethbridge

Behie, Alison*, Australia National University

Benavides, Julio A., The National Center for Scientific Research

Benitez, Marcela, University of Michigan

Bergman, Thore Jon, University of Michigan

Bezerra, Bruna*, University of Bristol

Biro, Dora, University of Oxford

Boonratana, Ramesh, Mahidol University

Borries, Carola*, Stony Brook University

Boubli, Jean Philippe*, University...

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