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Books received

Books Received

The Editorial Office received the following books for review in Primates during the year from July 2012 to June 2013.

Mitani JC, Call J, Kappeler PM, Palombit RA, Silk JB (eds) (2012) The evolution of primate societies. The University of Chicago Press, Chicago, p 744.

Masters J, Gamba M, Genin F (eds) (2012) Leaping ahead: advances in prosimian biology. Springer, New York, p 409.

Kawai K (ed) (2013) Groups: the evolution of human sociality. Kyoto University Press, Kyoto, p 413.

Carere C, Maestripieri D (eds) (2013) Animal personalities. The University of Chicago, Chicago, p 520.

Sterling E, Bynum N, Blair M (eds) (2013) Primate ecology and onservation. Oxford University Press, Oxford, p 448.

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