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John C. Mitani, Josep Call, Peter M. Kappeler, Ryne A. Palombit, and Joan B. Silk (eds): The Evolution of Primate Societies

The University of Chicago Press, Chicago, 2012, 744 pp
  • Akiko Matusmoto-OdaEmail author
Book Review

In 1991, after I completed the entrance examination for graduate school at Kyoto University, former Professor Toshisada Nishida suggested that I read the book Primate Societies (Smuts et al. 1987) before joining his laboratory. When I think back on it now, we had access to several monographs on specific primate species and books written by single authors, but only Primate Societies offered a broad perspective of primate societies.

For over two decades, Primate Societies has served as a useful review collection, covering most of what was known on the subject in the 1980s. However, 25 years have passed since the publication of this book. During that period, I completed by Ph.D. and began my career as a primate researcher. Similarly, many other professional researchers (and many non-professionals as well) are studying primates, and a great number of papers are being published. Thus, a new book that broadly reviews recent progress in primatology has been needed.

As the editors noted in...


  1. Smuts BB, Cheney DL, Seyfarth RM, Wrangham RW, Struhsaker TT (eds) (1987) Primate Societies. University of Chicago Press, ChicagoGoogle Scholar

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