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First report of leaf spots on Gentiana rhodantha caused by Pestalotiopsis trachicarpicola


In August 2018, leaf spots with circular or irregular brown lesions on Gentiana rhodantha leaves were widespread in Liupanshui, Guizhou Province, China. Three strains of Pestalotiopsis spp. were found by single-spore isolation to be associated with the lesions. Based on asexual and sexual characteristics and multilocus (ITS, TUB, tef-1) phylogenic data, strains were identified as Pestalotiopsis trachicarpicola Y.M.Zhang & K.D.Hyde. This is the first report of G. rhodantha leaf spot caused by P. trachicarpicola. In culture tests, the optimum for mycelial growth was 20–25 °C at pH 7–9 and for conidial germination 25–30 °C and pH 6–9.

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The research was funded by Youth Science and Technology Talent Cultivating Project of Guizhou Department of Education (no. QJH KY[2018]381), Construction Project of Key and Distinctive Laboratory of Guizhou General University (no. QJH KY2017[012]) and Natural Science Foundation of Guizhou Province (no. QKH J[2014]7447). We thank EditSprings ( for providing expert linguistic services.

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