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Studies on biological control of an invasive alien weed using plant pathogenic fungi

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  • Kurose D, Furuya N, Saeki T, Tsuchiya K, Tsushima S, Seier MK (2016) Species-specific detection of Mycosphaerella polygoni-cuspidati as a biological control agent for Fallopia japonica by PCR assay. Mol Biotechnol 58:626–633

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I am highly grateful to Emeritus Prof. Kenichi Tsuchiya, Prof. Naruto Furuya, Emeritus Prof. Masami Takagi (Kyushu University); Visiting Prof. Seiya Tsushima (Tokyo University of Agriculture); and Dr. Richard H. Shaw, Dr. Harry C. Evans, and Dr. Marion K. Seier (CABI) for their generous support and fruitful suggestions. I also appreciate all the collaborators for their contributions and helpful discussions.

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