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Table 3 The effect of treatment with selected plant extracts from Aloe vera, Coffea arabica, Glycyrrhiza uralensis and Yucca schidigera on tomato seed germination, seedling vigor and dry weight of tomato plants

From: The effect of plant extracts as seed treatments to control bacterial leaf spot of tomato in Tanzania

Treatment Seed germinationa Vigor index (%)b Dry mass (g)
NS (%) ABS (%) DS (%)
 Sterile distilled water 90.50b 3.00a 6.50a 702.51b 0.16a
 Copper sulphate 92.80ab 2.30a 5.00ab 707.60b 0.14a
 Untreated seed 92.00ab 3.50a 4.50ab 718.06b 0.16a
Plant extract
 A. vera 94.80a 1.80a 3.50ab 749.39ab 0.14a
 C. arabica 95.50a 2.50a 2.00b 784.77a 0.14a
 G. uralensis 92.80ab 2.80a 4.50ab 714.33b 0.16a
 Y. schidigera 94.30a 2.00a 3.80ab 741.91ab 0.14a
Mean 93.20 2.50 4.30 731.22 0.14
F test ** ns ** ** ns
  1. ns not significant
  2. ** Significant at P = 0.05
  3. aSeed germination states: NS normal seedlings, ABS abnormal seedlings, DS dead seed. Each value is the percentage from 400 seeds test
  4. bSeedling vigor index (Vi) was calculated as Vi = (mean root length + mean shoot length) × (percentage germination) (Abdul-Baki and Anderson 1973); means followed by the same letters in a column are not significantly different based on the SNK test at P = 0.05