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Table 2 Effect of seed treatment with selected plant extracts on incidence of bacterial leaf spot caused by Xanthomonas perforans and on growth of tomato seedlings of cultivar Tanya

From: The effect of plant extracts as seed treatments to control bacterial leaf spot of tomato in Tanzania

Treatment Incidence (%)a Height (cm) Mass (g) Width (mm)
 Sterile distilled water 83.30a 13.50b 0.31d 1.45d
 Copper sulphate 0.00e 16.13a 0.85abc 1.81abc
 Untreated seed 0.00e 15.98a 0.75bc 1.78c
Plant extract
 Aloe vera 0.00e 17.28a 0.96abc 2.05ab
 Betula pendula 18.80b 16.90a 0.83abc 2.00abc
 Coffea arabica 0.00e 17.13a 0.98ab 2.04ab
 Glycyrrhiza uralensis 0.00e 17.23a 0.96abc 2.06ab
 Juniperus communis 6.30d 16.11a 0.72c 1.97abc
 Ocimum basilicum 18.80b 16.84a 0.78abc 1.93abc
 Quercus robur 18.80b 16.69a 0.82abc 1.97abc
 Rheum palmatum 18.80b 16.50a 0.82abc 2.04ab
 Rosmarinus officinalis 18.80b 16.06a 0.78abc 1.98abc
 Ruta graveolens 18.80b 16.16a 0.49ab 1.82abc
 Salvia officinalis 12.50c 16.56a 0.82abc 2.04ab
 Sinapis alba 12.50c 16.13a 0.74c 1.90abc
 Yucca schidigera 0.00e 17.24a 1.00a 2.13a
Mean 12.31 16.47 0.81 1.95
F test *** *** *** ***
  1. *** Significant at P = 0.01
  2. aBLS incidence = percentage of seedlings with bacterial leaf spot symptoms. Mean followed by same letters in a column are not significantly different based on the SNK test at P = 0.05. Each value is a mean of 48 seedlings