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Sclerotinia rot of blueberry caused by Sclerotinia sclerotiorum


In 2002, rotted flower clusters and blighted shoot tips and leaves were observed on highbush blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosum L.) and rabbiteye blueberry (V. ashei Reade) plants in Chiba, Japan. The causal fungus isolated from the diseased plants was morphologically identified as Sclerotinia sclerotiorum (Libert) de Bary. The fungus reproduced natural symptoms after inoculation, then reisolated from the symptomatic parts. This is the first report of blueberry sclerotinia rot caused by S. sclerotiorum.

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The authors greatly thank Dr. T. Kobayashi, formerly professor of Tokyo University of Agriculture, for his helpful suggestions and advice for identification of the fungus.

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Correspondence to Seisaku Umemoto.

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The nucleotide sequence data reported are available in the DDBJ/EMBL/GenBank databases under accession numbers AB269903#(020501) and AB233346 (020505).

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Umemoto, S., Nagashima, K., Yoshida, S. et al. Sclerotinia rot of blueberry caused by Sclerotinia sclerotiorum . J Gen Plant Pathol 73, 290–292 (2007).

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  • Blueberry
  • Sclerotinia sclerotiorum
  • Flower cluster rot
  • Shoot and leaf blight