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Suppressive effect of liquid potassium silicate on powdery mildew of strawberry in soil

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Journal of General Plant Pathology Aims and scope Submit manuscript


A soil drench of soluble silicon (liquid potassium silicate) was tested for the control of powdery mildew of strawberry in soil for 2 years in a vinyl house under growers' conditions on two cultivars: very susceptible Toyonoka and slightly susceptible Sachinoka. Soluble silicon suppressed the disease more effectively as a preventive control than as a control to reduce initial incidence. The suppressive effect against this disease was more effective for Toyonoka than for Sachinoka. The control value of soluble potassium silicate was 85.6% for Toyonoka in the first year and 60.2% in the second year, while for Sachinoka it was 58% in the first year and 40.6% in the second year. Strawberry leaf hardness was measured for the control and silicate-treated leaves. Although silicate-treated leaves seemed to be harder than control leaves, leaf hardness did not vary significantly between controls and silicate-treated leaves in either of the 2 years, and the mode of preventive action of liquid potassium silicate remains unknown. A factor other than a physical action may be involved.

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