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Methods to control harmful algal blooms: a review


The recent rise of red tide harmful algal blooms has induced ecosystem degradation, economic losses, and aquaculture damage, yet little is known on prevention and mitigation of red tides. Actual control methods involve physical, chemical, and biological processes, with varying success. Here, we review physical, chemical, and biological control methods applicable to red tide species in marine and estuarine water bodies. We discuss mechanisms of algal blooms outbreak and their applications to prevent outbreaks.

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This study was supported by National Key Research & Development Plan “Strategic International Scientific and Technological Innovation Cooperation” (2016YFE0202100), Marine Red Tide Early Warning and Prevention in Pingtan coastal area (PT2021006), Fujian Provincial Water Conservancy Technology Project (SC-292, DH-1558, 21NB000922, MSK202202), and National Natural Science Foundation of China ().


The authors have not disclosed any funding.

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BBP was involved in idea, literature search, funding acquisition, data analysis, and writing—original draft, review & editing, YW was involved in literature search and writing—original draft, YPS was involved in idea, funding acquisition, supervision, and review & editing, DPH was involved in writing—original draft, review & editing, HL was involved in writing—original draft, HL and LZ were involved in writing—original draft, review & editing, and YZ was involved in writing—original draft, review & editing).

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Correspondence to Yu Ping Su.

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Balaji-Prasath, B., Wang, Y., Su, Y.P. et al. Methods to control harmful algal blooms: a review. Environ Chem Lett 20, 3133–3152 (2022).

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  • Algae bloom
  • Algicide
  • Dinoflagellate
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