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Sustainable approaches for steroid synthesis


Steroids are important scaffolds for the synthesis of molecules of pharmaceutical interest and constitute a distinct family of natural products. The demand for green and sustainable chemistry has fostered for the development of new reactions and chemical processes in steroidal chemistry. This review describes state-of-the-art approaches such as heterogeneous catalysis, microwave synthesis and microbial transformations for steroid synthesis.

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Fig. 5
Scheme 1
Scheme 2
Scheme 3
Scheme 4
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Fig. 7
Scheme 5
Scheme 6
Scheme 7
Fig. 8
Scheme 8
Scheme 9
Scheme 10
Scheme 11
Scheme 12
Scheme 13
Scheme 14
Scheme 15
Scheme 16
Scheme 17
Scheme 18
Scheme 19
Scheme 20
Scheme 21
Fig. 9
Scheme 22
Fig. 10
Scheme 23
Scheme 24


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One of the authors Dr. Princy Gupta gratefully acknowledges the financial support from University Grants Commission (Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India) under UGC-BSR Start-up Grant No. F.30-35/2017(BSR).

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