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Removal of Fe(III) using a polystyrene anchored Schiff base


Salicylaldehyde Schiff base of amino-methylated polystyrene has been developed as a novel reagent for the removal of Fe(III) from solutions. The selectivity of the metal ion uptake over a wide range of different concentrations of metal ion, effect of pH, ligand concentration and the influence of other foreign ions were studied. A very good selectivity was achieved for the removal of the ion. It was found that 0.01 g of the ligand was sufficient to achieve about 96% removal of the metal ion in terms of concentration (ppm) from a 30 ppm solution in acidic pH.

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The authors wish to express sincere thanks to the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Government of India, New Delhi, for financial assistance and Thermax India, Mumbai for the supply of amino-methylated polystyrene as gift sample.

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Krishnapillai, G., Konnully, S.J. Removal of Fe(III) using a polystyrene anchored Schiff base. Environ Chem Lett 5, 19–21 (2007).

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  • Ion removal
  • Salicylaldehyde
  • Polymeric Schiff base