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Optimum age for selection based on a time trend of genetic parameters related to diameter growth in seedling seed orchards of Eucalyptus pellita in Indonesia

  • Published:
Journal of Forest Research


The time trend of genetic parameters related to diameter growth was investigated using data at ages from 1 to 6 years to determine the optimum age for selection in four seedling seed orchards of Eucalyptus pellita in South Kalimantan and Riau (Sumatra), Indonesia. The seed orchards at each location were from three geographically distinct provenances from Papua New Guinea. The pooled sum of squares and sum of cross products derived from an analysis of variance of growth of the three provenance populations were used to estimate genetic parameters at each location. Because the genetic parameters at rotation age, 8 years in this study, were not available, they were estimated using functions derived from their time trends. Phenotypic variances and genetic variances calculated at each age were converted to the corresponding square roots, and then analyzed by the linear regression using means as independent variables. The trend of juvenile–mature correlation was fitted by a modified Richards function with the ratio of the older diameter mean to the juvenile diameter as an independent variable. Early selection always resulted in more genetic gain per year than selection at rotation age, and the optimum age for selection, where genetic gain per year was maximized, was found to be 4 and 5 years in the two locations.

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