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Effect of salt nutrients on mannitol production by Lactobacillus intermedius NRRL B-3693

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Journal of Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology


The effects of four salt nutrients (ammonium citrate, sodium phosphate, magnesium sulfate, and manganese sulfate) on the production of mannitol by Lactobacillus intermedius NRRL B-3693 in a simplified medium containing 300 g fructose, 5 g soy peptone, and 50 g corn steep liquor per liter in pH-controlled fermentation at 5.0 at 37°C were evaluated using a fractional factorial design. Only manganese sulfate was found to be essential for mannitol production. Added manganese sulfate concentration of 0.033 g/l was found to support maximum production. The bacterium produced 200.6±0.2 g mannitol, 61.9±0.1 g lactic acid, and 40.4±0.3 g acetic acid from 300 g fructose per liter in 67 h.

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