Primary hyperhidrosis

Evidence for autosomal dominant inheritance


Primary hyperhidrosis is a neurogenic disorder of unknown cause characterized by excessive sweating in the palmar surface of the hands, armpits, groin and feet. In the course of a therapeutic trial for primary hyperhidrosis, 62 % of patients reported a positive family history. Examination of these pedigrees demonstrated a sibling recurrence risk of λs = 29–48 and an offspring recurrence risk of λo = 41–68 indicating that hyperhidrosis can be an inherited condition. The pattern of inheritance suggests an autosomal dominant mode of transmission with incomplete disease penetrance.

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Received: 8 November 2002, Accepted: 10 January 2003

Correspondence to: Horacio Kaufmann, M.D.

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Kaufmann, H., Saadia, D., Polin, C. et al. Primary hyperhidrosis . Clin Auton Res 13, 96–98 (2003).

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  • Key words: hyperhidrosis
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