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App Review

App Specs

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App name: DynaMed Plus

App developer: EBSCO Publishing

App developer website:

App price: free

Apple App Store URL:

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Category: clinical, education, reference

Tags: clinical, reference, education

Compatibility: requires iOS 10.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Works offline: Y

FDA approval: N/A

Promotion code: N/A

Quick Review

Overall rating (1–5), 5

Content (1–5), 5

Usability (1–5), 5

Pros: DynaMed Plus offers immediate up-to-date medical information and reference material at the touch of your finger that is continuously updated. The user interface is extremely easy and friendly to use.

Cons: It is free to download the app; however, one must get an individual subscription—if one’s institution does not have a subscription—to receive access to online and mobile access to DynaMed Plus. The subscription starts at $99 for students, $149.95 for residents, and $395 for physicians (Figs. 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5).
Fig. 1

Main menu

Fig. 2

Sample search by category menu

Fig. 3

Sample calculator menu

Fig. 4

Sample disease page

Fig. 5

Sample disease page quick links

At A Glance: This app provides a complete and comprehensive platform regarding a large variety of medical information. All of the information is presented in a concise and simple manner that can be quickly understood by any healthcare professional.

Full Review

Intro: DynaMed Plus is a key resource for all healthcare workers. It is a web-based and mobile application that serves as a go-to resource for medical reference. The application covers a wide variety of topics, some including medical diseases, pharmacology, guidelines, and calculators. The app supplies clinical tools for healthcare professionals when making clinical decisions.


Lexicomp serves as a go-to resource for healthcare professionals. Whether on the computer or on the mobile app, it is comprehensive, reliable, and easy to navigate to find the information you are looking for. It is one of the best clinical reference tools used by healthcare professionals in all different types of setting that provide evidence-based information.

The home screen offers a search function as well as section to browse by category, calculator, history, and recent updates. The search function works very well and is forgiving for spelling mistakes. Having a link for the calculators in the home screen is extremely useful in acute setting situations. At the tap of a finger, all the information from a category can be accessed and easily navigated, as well as being able to easily navigate through linked keywords to other medications or diseases.

A key feature that makes DynaMed Plus so popular is that the wealth of information is offered in a concise matter, which includes basic information such as history and exam finding but as well as approach to diagnostic confirmation and treatment options. With each section of a specific topic, it also offers the evidence grades offered by specific societies (e.g., AHA) as well as their own grading system, which is only strong or weak recommendation. Furthermore, for each topic, one can scroll to the bottom of the page and find a resource section that has all the links to specific journals or guidelines used for that specific article.


The user interface is very professional and works exactly as one would expect. DynaMed Plus also offers all of the information in bullet point or shorthand format. This format makes it desirable by healthcare professionals as it makes the material succinct and easily retrievable, which is exactly what one wants in the acute setting or on the go.


The app has excellent user interface and user experience. A team of physicians and researchers are constantly updating and improving the articles to provide the most comprehensive and current data. All of the different pictures used to show that specific disease are excellent and provide the exact information one needs.

Room for Improvement

Even though the app regularly has updates via the app store, the app does crash often. Minor bug fixes would greatly improve the app.


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