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Automated Multidetector Row CT Dataset Segmentation with an Interactive Watershed Transform (IWT) Algorithm: Part 2—Body CT Angiographic and Orthopedic Applications

Journal of Digital Imaging Aims and scope Submit manuscript

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The preceding manuscript describes the principles behind the Interactive Watershed Transform (IWT) segmentation tool. The purpose of this manuscript is to illustrate the clinical utility of this editing technique for body multidetector row computed tomography (MDCT) imaging. A series of cases demonstrates clinical applications where automated segmentation of skeletal structures with IWT is most useful. Both CT angiography and orthopedic applications are presented.

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Johnson, P.T., Hahn, H.K., Heath, D.G. et al. Automated Multidetector Row CT Dataset Segmentation with an Interactive Watershed Transform (IWT) Algorithm: Part 2—Body CT Angiographic and Orthopedic Applications. J Digit Imaging 21, 413–421 (2008).

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