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Handelsstreit zwischen den USA und China

  • Georg Erber
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Der Handelskonflikt zwischen den USA und China hat sich in den letzten Monaten deutlich verschärft. Seit dem WTO-Beitritt 2001 hat China seinen Überschuss gegenüber den USA kontinuierlich erhöht. 2018 erreichte er mit 420 Mrd. US-$ ein Rekordniveau. Die US-Regierung verfolgt nun mithilfe von Strafzöllen das Ziel, die bilaterale Handelsbilanz beim Warenhandel zu reduzieren.

How Fast Could the Bilateral Balance of Trade Between the US and China Be Brought Down to Zero?


The trade conflict between the US and China has escalated significantly over the past few months. One key issue is the US government’s focus on rapidly bringing down the bilateral balance of trade in commodities to a level close to zero. China has steadily increased their surplus with the US over decades since joining the WTO in 2001. Last year it reached a record level of US $ 420 billion After years of negotiations over a bilateral agreement between the US and China, the Trump administration took a unilateral approach by imposing punitive tariffs on about US $ 250 billion worth of Chinese goods. If one takes the statistical data as a benchmark, it is very likely that the US will accomplish their goal of bringing the trade balance with China to zero already this year and on a monthly basis.

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