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Table 1 Global properties of Publish/Subscribe paradigm to be fulfilled in the generated TCPN models

From: Profiling the publish/subscribe paradigm for automated analysis using colored Petri nets

# Property to check
1 If a resource is published, this resource becomes published with the information provided by the publisher
2 If a resource was already published, the publish operation fails
3 A published resource becomes expired when its lifetime runs out
4 All subscriptions to an expired resource are removed
5 A discovery operation must work for a published resource
6 A discovery operation fails when there is no published resource with the indicated tag
7 If TimedSetter is invoked with time argument 0 (new lifetime) and the resource is published, it becomes immediately expired or unpublished
8 Operations TimedSetter, Setter, Getter and Subscription fail when they are invoked for an expired or not published resource
9 If TimedSetter is invoked with a positive argument time, the resource becomes expired (unpublished) once the new indicated lifetime elapses
10 Operation Getter returns the actual property value of the resource, if it is currently published
11 Operation Setter changes the actual value of the resource, if it is published
12 A Subscription operation is immediately notified if the resource is published or a Setter operation or TimedSetter operation is performed such that the current value of the resource belongs to the indicated subscription interval
13 A subscription is removed when its associated lifetime runs out