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Marasmiellus mesosporus, a Marasmius-blight fungus newly recorded from sand dunes of the Japanese coast

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A Marasmius-blight fungus, Marasmiellus mesosporus, is newly recorded from sand dunes of the Japanese coast. Macro- and microscopic features and ecological characteristics of the species are described and illustrated based on Japanese and European specimens.

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Correspondence to Seiji Takehashi.

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Contribution No. 213, Laboratory of Plant Parasitic Mycology, Graduate School of Life and Environmental Sciences, University of Tsukuba, Japan

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Takehashi, S., Kasuya, T. & Kakishima, M. Marasmiellus mesosporus, a Marasmius-blight fungus newly recorded from sand dunes of the Japanese coast. Mycoscience 48, 407–410 (2007).

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