A new species of Dinemasporium from sugar cane on Irabujima island, Japan


Dinemasporium longicapillatum sp. nov., isolated from a decaying leaf of sugar cane collected in Irabujima island, Japan, is described and illustrated. It is similar to D. strigosum and D. strigosulum in conidial length/width ratio, but differs mainly in its smaller conidia and longer conidial appendages.

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Yamaguchi, Y., Masuma, R., Tomoda, H. et al. A new species of Dinemasporium from sugar cane on Irabujima island, Japan. Mycoscience 46, 367 (2005). https://doi.org/10.1007/s10267-005-0254-8

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Key words

  • Appendage length
  • Conidial lengh/width ratio
  • Dinemasporium longicapillatum