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New species of Clitocybe and Crepidotus (Agaricales) from eastern Honshu, Japan

  • H. Takahashi


 Three new species of Agaricales from eastern Honshu, Japan, are described and illustrated. (1) Clitocybe minutella sp. nov. (section Vernae), having white, very small, clitocyboid basidiomata with white, strigose mycelial tomentum at the base of the stipe and trichodermial elements in the pileipellis, occurs on leaf litter in deciduous oak forests. (2) Crepidotus longicomatus sp.nov. (section Echinospori), forms very small (up to 3.5 mm in diameter), reniform basidiomata densely covered overall with white to pale yellow, erect, thick-walled, long hairs. It has melleous, echinulate basidiospores, and was found on fallen dead branches in lowland oak forests. (3) Crepidotus virgineus sp. nov. (section Crepidotus), forming pure white, reniform basidiomata, has smooth, ellipsoid basidiospores, subfusiform-pedicellate to irregularly cylindrical cheilocystidia, and abundant clamp connections. It occurs on fallen dead branches in lowland oak forests.

Key words Agaricales Clitocybe minutella Crepidotus longicomatus Crepidotus virgineus 


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